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Looks like a dulcimer, sounds like a dobro.

"I wanted a steel guitar that sounded like a dobro, but I couldn't find one, so I decided to make one. Since that first guitar, I've been refining the design and learning the art of instrument building.

I use maple for it's bell-like tone, and compliment this with a P-90 style pickup. The body style fits into the most traditional settings. It is finished with rifle stock oil. Golden age tuners, rosewood trim, and beautiful locally sourced maple make this a steel guitar worth owning.

Oh, and have I mentioned the sound?"

-Patrick McDougal

This Guitar, No. 7, is one of the earlier models of the final design. Handmade except for the pickup and tuners, it has small variations in the fit and finish, so it is being sold as a second. This guitar looks good and sounds phenomonal! I have used it in several recordings and it sits in the mix right where a dobro would~ not too bluesy or chimey. Its looks always attract a crowd.


*Golden Age tuning machines

*GFS Alnico vintage P-90 pickup

*Martin resonator guitar strings

*Brazillian Rosewood trim

*Woodburned fret markers

*Locally sourced Maple


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